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Élu par Forbes « le meilleur centre de dermatologie esthétique anti-âge au monde »
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Signature Treatments
Cible Skin

Thanks to our latest patented technologies, our expert will analyze your skin’s needs in order to prescribe the best suited facial and cosmetic routine, to provide you with personalized guidance throughout your protocol, and thus achieve the desired results.

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Skin diagnosis
The essential ultra-targeted step
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Signature treatments
Discover Cible Skin’s signature & high-performance treatments
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The Renew-Cellular treatment
Discover the revolutionary anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment

Cible Skin

Immuno-cosmetics is the world’s greatest patented innovation.
It boosts the immune system of skin cells to protect, regenerate and repair the skin.

The anti-aging, anti-imperfection, antioxidant and ultra-moisturizing results proven in the clinical studies are unequalled to this day.

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All our cosmetics
Discover our exclusive range of cosmetics
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Our serums
Discover our 100% clean serums
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Best seller
Discover the essential Crème Culte

Scientific Committee
Cible Skin

+5 years of R&D
+10,000 faces analyzed
+5,000 clinical and usage tests
+600 formulas tested

A pioneer in cellular rejuvenation research

Chaired by Doctor of Pharmacy and Founder Raphaël Aknin, the mission of the Cible Skin Scientific Committee is to rejuvenate human cells.

The Cible Skin Scientific Committee has drawn on the expertise of regenerative medicine and immunological science to preserve the health, equilibrium, and beauty of the skin by conceiving the world’s greatest patented cosmetic innovation: immuno-cosmetics.

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Dr. Marie-Jeanne Miniconi
Doctor of Dermatology, specialized in regenerative and anti-aging medicine
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Dr. Raphaël Aknin
Co-founder of Cible Skin and Doctor of Pharmacy specializing in immunology and cell regeneration
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Dr. Joël Aknin
Doctor of Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery
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Dr. Pierre-Louis Roubelat
Doctor of Ophthalmology, specialized in morphological and anti-aging medicine
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Dr. Chama Rekik
Doctor of Pharmacy, specialized in Cosmetology

La Maison Cible Skin unanimously acclaimed by the international press

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Our 100% clean & made in France commitments

Cruelty Free
100/100 in Yuka
100% clean
FSC certification
100% vegan
Made in France
95% of ingredients
of natural origin
The Cible Skin Foundation:
for water conservation
Cible Skin is committed to preserving the planet & your skin


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